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Flying is not just a job, it's a lifestyle.
Our training models were developed from our extensive industry expertise, reinforced by real world circumstance. Our integrated global presence uniquely positions us to deliver a cutting-edge experience.
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Airline Transport Pilot License Programs ATPL

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About Us

We are experts from the aviation, education, finance, and legal sectors who share a passion about aviation.
Together with our partners we will reimagine the future of aviation training.
Our Vision

To become the world's number one aviation training organization by inspiring individuals to discover the joy of the industry in a socially responsible way.

Our Mission

To create the most innovative global training organization by employing advanced technologies to reinvent methods shrouded in tradition using artificial intelligence and machine learning"

Our Objective

To educate our students using the latest techniques while making  a positive impact on communities where we live, work and play.

Why Become A Pilot

264,000 new pilots will be required in the next decade

There has never been a better time to become a pilot!

According to the civil aviation industry will require a total of 484,000 pilots in 2029: an estimated 426,000 for airlines and another 58,000 business jet crews. In fact 50% of those pilots have not yet started to train.

The Asia-Pacific region will require the most new pilots – about 91,000 over 10 years, equating to about one-third of total demand. North America will need a combined 65,000 new pilots; Europe 42,000; the Middle East 25,000; South and Central America 16,000; and Africa 4,000 as stated by CAE.

Aviators are widely respected around the world.

They are a vital part of the global economy and are responsible for safely delivering goods, services, and passengers every single day. Many pilots choose to serve their country, while others choose to save lives operating as first responders, and many choose careers with major commercial airlines ensuring safe travel between locations around the world.

A profession matching passion with the pursuit of excellence

You probably have dreamt of becoming a pilot since you were a child. What better way is there to live your passion for flight everyday in the cockpit of an airliner.

Travel the world with your office in the sky

Whether it’s your first solo flight or your twentieth year of intercontinental flying, nothing will ever surpass or lessen the magic of going to work each day at 20,000 feet, or cruising in your "office" at 340 knots.

Becoming a pilot is a great way to discover new places and travel the world. Take off in one city, land in another and explore new countries and cultures. Follow the global journeys of recent IAO graduates in Instagram @iao.organization and follow #iaopilots.

4 Easy Stages

online/ in class training

Start your training today from the comfort of your own home, or join us in one of our Bases, with every hour counting towards your final diploma. Take advantage of the new normal.

Aircraft instructional

You will be trained in international Air space with a qualified instructor with years of experience.

build your hours

Fly in the most scenic countries in the world. Experience Local culture while Building your flying hours and on your way to becoming a participant in the Aeronautic industry.


You will be trained With Airways Aviation Academy - ESMA, a world class international school under the Aircrew regulation for the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA).

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Airline Transport Pilot License Programs ATPL